The Cathedrals in Concert 1999

The Cathedrals gave their last Gainesville, GA concert to their usual sold-out auditorium, on June 6th, 1999. Everyone in the
audience was blessed by the performance, which was as powerful as we have ever seen by this Legendary Southern Gospel Quartet.


"Ride That Glory Train"


"Acappella as only the Cats can do it!"


Ernie Haase sings "O What A Savior"


Roger Bennett sings "Healing"

George and Glenn

George and Glenn reminisce over their years together.

As you know, Glen passed away on October 15, 1999,
and George passed away on April 11, 2005.

Roger Bennett and Scott Fowler started touring with their new formed group The Legacy Five in
January 2000! Roger passed away in March of 2007 (Leukemia). Check out L-5's website below.

The Legacy Five