The National Quartet Convention 2004

The NQC was another wonderful event this year! Donna and I were there for Thursday thru Saturday and we had a blast! We took in the showcases as well as the nightly concerts. The concerts were extremely well attended for the three nights that we were there. Estimated crowds were between 18-20,000 each of these evenings.

If you ever attend this event, make sure that you take in some of the afternoon showcases! We went to the Artist Spotlight showcase on Friday as well as the Mike Speck Choral Seminar which was a true blessing and highlight!

On Saturday we attended the Crabb Fest which was a two hour celebration of Gerald Crabb's music and featured amazing performances of his songs by some of the best groups and individuals in the country. Also we were delighted by the reunion of Terah Crabb with the family as she sang several songs with the Crabbs and had a tearful reunion with the entire family!

Following the Crabb Fest, we were treated to the Vintage Quartet Showcase which featured top quartets singing the old-time way with a piano player and two vintage microphones from the 50's.

For picture reports of these showcases, click the links below!

Artist Spotlight and
Mike Speck Choral Seminar
NQC Crabb FestVintage Quartets

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