Name: Bruce J. O'Connor

Birth: St. Helena, CA, 1946

Hometown: Lower Lake, CA

Spouse’s Name: Jeanne

Business/profession: Professional Geologist (semi-retired); Cattleman Home prior to moving to Northeast GA: Stone Mountain, GA

When and why did you come to NE GA?: December 2002; moved to new home to live in the country and get away from Atlanta.

Education: Lower Lake High School; UC at Santa Barbara (BS - Geology); Johns Hopkins University (MS, PhD - Geology).

Career: Assistant Professor of Geology, Ga. State Univ.; Principal Geologist, Ga. DNR/EPD (ne Ga. Geologic Survey) - retired. Presently work part-time (Water Well Standards Regulations) for Ga. EPD plus raise cattle and chickens for beef & eggs.

Hobbies and Interests: Grandchildren, Outdoors (gardening, hiking, birding), Animals (esp. dogs, cows & chickens), Tennis, Tinkering with tools & equipment; Internet surfing, Photography, and more.

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