Name: Jack Jacobi

Birth: Washington, D.C. (1937)

Spouse’s name: Ruth - We met and started dating in high school and were married in 1961 after graduating from college.

Business/profession: Retired from Gulf Oil Corporation and BP oil companies. Over thirty years of human resources experience at ten different locations. Had prior work experience with Prudential Insurance Company in their actuarial department in Newark, NJ

Home(s) prior to moving to Northeast GA: Moved here from Athens, GA. Born in Washington, D.C., lived in Maryland, Florida, Tennessee and Pennsylvania while "growing up". Later lived in New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania (twice), Texas (twice), Louisiana (three times) and Georgia (three times).

When and why did you come to NE GA? Moved to NE Georgia in 1996. Of all of the places that we lived over the years, we liked Georgia the best. Wanted to be near our three sons and their families who live in the Atlanta area.

Hobbies and interests: Was invited to hike with the OFHC by Sam Hay and Dan Ross in 1999. Went on my first hike with them that February, got caught in a nasty blizzard that day on Rabun Bald, was not sure that I was going to survive, but have been hiking with them ever since. Spend a lot of time with our (ten) grandchildren who all live in the Atlanta area. Enjoy entertaining and sampling beverages brewed by slow fermentation process.

Other information, e.g. education, hiking experience, etc.: B.S. degree in Business Administration from Lehigh University in 1959. U.S. Air Force Veteran.

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