Jeff and Melissa

Name: Melissa Jo Anderson

Birth: July 1967

Spouse's name: Jeff Anderson (Jeff also hikes on occasion)

Business/profession: Walmart Distribution, Monroe Georgia (Present) Prior I managed a Dry Cleaners and Video chain. With a break in between to have my children.

Home(s) prior to moving to Northeast, GA: I was born in Jacksonville Florida, moved to Conyers Georgia in 1973. Married in 1986 and purchased land in Morgan County and have lived there ever since.

Hobbies and interests: Love the great outdoors! Hiking, fishing, camping, reading, crafts & family.

Other information, e.g., education, hiking experience, etc.: Graduated Rockdale High in 1985, Various management courses through Dekalb Tech & Logistics University.

Married in 1986 - 2 children born 1990 Jeffery & 1992 Amanda

Hiking for the past 3 years, mainly in the North Georgia area. Started hiking with the group in August of 2005.

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